Handbags and Perfume: my two material ‘vices’ but as a relatively responsible mum, I’m not about to sacrifice my family’s lifestyle for a pretty thing or two that may cost an arm and a leg.

Let’s face it, there are more important things in life.

I'm Carol Dorman and HandbagsandPerfume.com is all about bringing stylish, practical accessories and fragrances to you that won’t break the bank but will give you the freedom to indulge your passion for fashion and beautiful scents without feeling guilty.

So go ahead, open that package, explore all those clever compartments with their hidden pockets and shiny zippers. Play with the rhinestones on that twinkly clutch bag and compare the look, with and without the detachable cross-body strap.

These are the things we love about handbags, wallets, purses and pouches. Oh, and let’s not forget perfume … the beautiful fragrance that may or may not become your signature scent. The exquisite little bottle that lights you up inside whenever you look at it.

Guiltless pleasure. Play, Shop, Explore. You deserve it.